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Hey I'm Matt Seng and this is my homepage. There's not much to it, but I like to think that I designed it very efficiently using PHP. So it should be a pleasure to continue developing, and more content just comes with time. Anyway right now I only use it for practice and for my own convenience. As the domain name suggests, I own and operate my own domain and the webservices which you are currently accessing.

I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Computer Science. I'm now happily employed by the University of Illinois, working for the IT department of the College of Engineering. I enjoy biking, steel-tip darts, homebrewing with friends, video games and technology, web programming, and gardening. And I love pets, especially my miniature dachshund, Emrys, whose beautiful face you must now gaze upon:
Photo of the best dog ever

Although I'm already employed, you may view my resume online at the professional section of my site.


Matt Seng
IT Specialist, Engineering IT
College of Engineering, University of Illinois
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